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At SEO News we have been closely monitoring the insurance industry of late, greatly intrigued by the astounding efforts brokers are making when attempting to achieve top ranking on Google. Showing a passion for online marketing it seems that independent brokers are pushing comparison sites aside, encouraging searchers to land of their site and go direct.

Where aggregator websites were the only real way for insurers to generate so many enquiries from customers online it appears that one broker in particular has taken matters into their own hands, developing their online marketing strategy inline with Google’s Panda updates.

While many sites have been affected by these updates highgear.co.uk have not, continuing on their journey to the top of Google. Although only a relatively new company it is obvious that they are heading in the right direction to become a successful online brokerage.

When searching ‘Taxi Insurance’ the website sits at 15th position. Although this may not sound astonishing you must remember that this is out of 27,300,000 results. This is down to their approach that ‘content is King’, constantly updating their site with fresh content that is both informative and engaging.

In a statement from the firm their Head of I.T, Alex Wigmore, puts things into perspective, highlighting just how important having an online presence is to High Gear.

‘Since day one the aim has always been to be an online-focused firm. This is where the majority of motorists look for insurance, therefore it only makes sense to make our website the frontman of High Gear’.

‘We have worked very hard to give those looking for coverage an experience when landing on our site, serving as a hub of information and a one stop shop for all of their insurance needs’.

This is not the only success story from the taxi insurance specialist, revealing their new and improved logo over the weekend. With a focus on strong branding and company image they are ticking all the right boxes to ram their competitors off of the road.

They have also commended Open G.I on their fast paced growth, requiring an equally technologically-minded company to assist their business. Open G.I is an administrative platform that allows High Gear to collate data, share details with insurers and generally organise their enquires and documentation.

Tej Randeva, the CEO of High Gear explains how Open G.I were the best option:

‘We chose Open GI as we felt their technology was far better than other providers. This was important to us, allowing us to work efficiently and cater to our growth plans’.

Their approach is greatly commendable and we wish them all the luck on their voyage to the top of Google’s search engine!

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