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Google has launched a new programme whereby it will offer cash rewards to anyone who spots potential vulnerabilities in any of its systems.

Known as The Bug Bounty Program, computer whizz kids can earn anything from $500-$3,133 for uncovering a flaw which could potentially lead to the confidentiality or data of its users being compromised in some way. As well as the cash reward, the researcher will also have his or her name included on the Google Credit online page.

The level of pay for seeking out vulnerabilities in Google’s system will be judged by the rewards panel. The upper tier of pay is reserved for those researchers who uncover a highly serious or intricate bug.

The cash reward offer stands for anyone who is able to uncover vulnerabilities on all Google related web pages including YouTube, Blogger, Gmail and This is just one way in which the internet giant is striving to ensure the safety of its users.

The programme only pays out to researchers who discover flaws in scripting language or injecting code of a Google webpage.

The scheme does not relate to issues found with Android or Google desktop programs. Google have revealed a list of the bugs which they won’t pay out for uncovering so it’s advisable to check this out before you embark on a spot of bug hunting.

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