According to recent reports, social networking site Facebook and internet communication network Skype are extremely close to striking a deal.

The two organisations are leaders in their own fields with Facebook boasting 500 million users worldwide while Skype claims to have 560 million members across the globe. The pairing of the two networks would create a powerful tool which will pile the pressure on other competitors such as Twitter and Google.

Skype allows members to video call, text and voice call other members across the world for free via its website. As well as this, Skype also offers a paid for service whereby users can call landlines across the world for a far cheaper rate than traditional telecom providers.

Should the deal be made, the move would enable Facebook users to use Skype services such as video call, text and voice call to communicate with friends on their account via their page, adding yet another exciting facility to the Facebook’s repertoire.

The move is mutually rewarding as Skype users will gain access to Facebook Connect, the social networking site’s message service.

The deal between Skype and Facebook is by no means official, however should everything go to plan, insiders say an announcement should be made by mid October.

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