Essential Trends All Designers Should Live By

by | Jul 14, 2017 | All News

During this blog, we focus on design elements and trends. Many recent trends within the web design industry have involved colour/typography, or user patterns, but it is certainly all about subtle techniques. Important trends to take note of though does include down page navigation, boxes as a design element and plenty of movement and vertical lines.

So, here’s what we think will be trending in design this month:

Boxes for design element

This may be one of the most versatile yet striking trends of design in 2017- boxed elements for poignant aesthetic purposes.

Boxes are used for great containers, but designers are now working with boxes in order to highlight content and show off images in order to draw the eye to a certain part of the canvas/website. It totally works beautifully.

The lovely thing about this trend is that it works in such a versatile way. You never have to go over and change current designs in order to incorporate boxed elements. You can simply serve them as visuals or link them to other content on the site. Plus, a box can contain anything, from an action to a funky image.

Here are some tips for making the most out of your boxed element:

  • You should use a box to create more depth to what you want to inform your users.
  • Use a box to layer elements. This will add an extra layer of beautiful complexity to the already simple design you may have in mind.
  • Use a box to create flow to the site. At the end of the day, you should use them to encourage a user to keep scrolling.
  • Use a box to create an actionable element, such as pop-up call to action options at the very top of the design.

Vertical Lines

Whilst you don’t always have to think about the web as a vertical space, in fact more designers are now managing their sites by introducing vertical elements to their design ideas. These include skinny lines to place flow to photos, and vertical elements to direct users through the design which ultimately encourages them to scroll and fix their attention on particular elements.

Here are some tips for making the most out of your vertical lines:

  • To create texture, try a background with subtle vertical lines.
  • Vertical shapes will help you create a collage of images.
  • Plan your imagery with a vertical focus.
  • Instead of placing icons or elements, concentrate on stacking them across the screen instead.

Instead of opting for full-scale trendy website options, why not consider a few trendy elements (the ones we’ve suggested above). To maintain a modern style, you should concentrate on the details.


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