You know what they say about the customer always being right? Well, it is very true. But, to have the chance to experience that you must get amongst your audience in the first place, becoming very active in the promotion of your company.

Where we used to have to rely on newspaper advertising and word of mouth we now have the revolution of marketing, social media.

In a recent survey it was proven that people take to social media for all sorts of things, especially for advice on services. Treating Facebook as a search engine the average user relies on advice from their virtual friends when purchasing anything.

This is why if you run a business you need to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram.

However, interacting with customers via this platform is not as easy as simply posting about yourself, selling your services and hoping the leads and enquiries will come flocking, it is another strand to your marketing bow, requiring the same level of strategic planning as all other areas of branding.

Many companies utilise these tools to sculpture their personality, showing their audience, friends and followers what type of ship they run!

From random comments to company updates and pictures, social media smashes down those barriers between consumer and trader, so make the most of it. By running weekly competitions you can show potential customers the consistency that you work to, coming across as a reliable firm that sticks by their word.

So, take it from us and make an account today.

Alternatively, if you would like mobo to handle your social media activity then we can do so, just give us a bell and we can have a chin wag about it all!

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