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Many huge firms are redesigning their marketing strategies, ensuring their ranking is first when it comes to Internet searches. Dominos is the latest to go in for a slice of this type of content marketing, releasing an online hub that seeks to place the pizza kings above their rivals.

The successful chain has been creating this new construct to ensure success is maintained, introducing an interactive means to converse with and study customers. Getting to chance to learn more about consumer activities will also help Dominos shape successful strategies and alterations in many sectors of the business.

The branded content will drive its triumphs including posts, widgets, competitors, downloads, videos, infographics and images. Arena has created the blog for Dominos, developed in a way to give the customers a voice. It will allow fans to post comments and share content through Instgram and Twitter, serving itself as a central point for all reviews to be teamed together.

This platform is hosted on a subdomain with hopes to be offered as a result of numerous search terms. As far as SEO goes, the vision is for people to be given the opportunity to engage with the Dominos brand.

Nick Dutch, head of digital at Domino’s, says: “As a brand which has built up a huge social media presence, we’ve seen a lot of success with online content projects in the past and they work hand-in-hand with online ordering.

“Hosting all content on one destination was a natural next step. We know the value in bringing fresh and interesting content to our audience and the blog will be easy and quick to update, and will allow for all-important customer feedback.”

They already have a great online presence. The chain launched an online football sitcom back in March, which reportedly generated one million views and influenced a 15 per cent increase in frequency of purchase from viewers in the following months. Dominos has also worked with shows such as The Simpsons, Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor in an attempt to “own” the Saturday night TV viewing experience, putting them forward as the first point of call for pizza lovers.

So, will this new marketing tool be a successful one? Share your comments with us.

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