The approach taken with online content is very important, with strategic planning being a great necessity.

Where many choose to stick with the same content for years we suggest that you keep things fresh, always staying inline with current fashions as well as Google ranking recommendations.

Content has a huge bearing on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), therefore it is an integral part of your online success, wanting your content to feature as high up on page one for all relevant keyword searches.

As well has having an influence on the technical side of things it always plays a part in the personality of your brand, being a great decoding factor on whether or not a customer chooses to obtain your services or not.

The style of the writing must reflect the personality of the business, not being written in an attempt to completely transform the business into something it is not.

Too often we see new designs go live with the branding unrecognisable and although fresh ideas can be very beneficial it is imperative that the essence of your business survives the redesign.

We suggest that you sit down as a company and come up with a list of topics that need to be pressed upon on each and every page, ensuring that you get the message across to visitors.

The amount of content is also crucial, not wanting to overload customers but give them bursts of information in a light-hearted and punchy fashion.

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