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by | Feb 25, 2015 | All News, Google News, SEO news

Moz is the online marketing information hub, a platform that we at Mobo hold in extremely high regard. Moz is best-known for it’s offering of advice, helping webmasters build and maintain sites that work to the best of their ability.

With the Mobo team constantly sourcing inspiration from the people at Moz we thought we would share a few tips that we use day in day out.

Promote your article in-house

Moz is a keen advocate of the 20-80 rule, believing that writers should spend 20% of their time writing articles and 80% of their time promoting them, using all of their marketing tactics to bring traffic to their site. Although this seems like an easy formula it is essential that your articles are worth reading. Moz states:

‘If you want a ton of traffic – you have to make your content “contagious”.’

‘I see lots of bloggers writing mediocre articles and then using all the promotion tactics they know to bring some visitors.’

‘But that’s not the way it works.’

Google now recognises quality more than it ever has in the past, gauging the relevance of an article based on the level of interaction it is encouraging.

Make your article visual

Users now need to be drawn in visually to pages; this is why it is essential that your article is visually pleasing, considering all types of visitors. Where some people enjoying reading content thoroughly others prefer to be fed information through imagery and videography, therefore you should accommodate all types of engagers.

Creating your own branded, custom images can be a great way to get recognised on the web, creating something that people want to endorse and share. Whether it be a screen shot, a comic or a short video, it is essential that you get creative when structuring an article’s imagery.

Check this short episode of Whiteboard Friday where Rand Fishkin perfectly explains what we mean:

Optimise your content

What is the point of a great article if nobody sees it?

At mobo we are celebrated for our SEO services, building content that speaks to the search engine.

Before we start writing on a particular topic within a client’s industry we ensure that this is something the audience searches for, carrying out research prior to compiling an article. Moz agrees with this approach, stating:

‘Once I decide to cover a certain topic on my blog I go to Google Keyword Planner and brainstorm possible keywords that people may search for.’

Although much speculation about keyword stuffing it is still essential that your content is built in a way hat tells Google what it is about, with embedding keywords being one of the only ways to do so.


We hope these tips help you in your online marketing strategy. If you are in need of marketing assistance then contact us at mobo and allow us to help lend a helping hand.


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