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The announcement of the creation of the world’s first ever Audi R8 stretch limo sent shockwaves around the world when it was first announced at the Transport Broker Awards last weekend at the Celtic Manor Resort, and petrol heads are flooding into YouTube in their thousands to check out the exclusive rendered video giving a 3D impression of how the finished limo will look.

Since being launched on YouTube, the Audi R8 Limo video has attracted almost 5,000 hits, just 48 hours after going live on the worldwide video sharing site. As news spreads about the never-seen-before supercar, hits of the online video on YouTube are expected to go through the roof.

The Audi R8 will become the signature car for leading UK based limousine hire provider, Limo Broker, who are sponsoring the creation of the new supercar. Carbonyte UK, the designers of the world’s only Ferrari limo, have been named as the creators of the Audi R8 limo and are already working on the design for the jaw dropping limousine.

To help keep supercar fans up to date on the development of the new Audi R8 limo, Limo Broker have established an Audi R8 Limo Facebook page dedicated to the exclusive limousine. The Facebook page will enable fans of the page to access information about the development of the model, also behind the scenes videos of its creation, and they’ll also be able to submit their own suggestions for features they’d like to see included in the new limo.

If you’ve not already done so, check out the state of the art video of the Audi R8 limo on YouTube right now.

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Limo Broker’s secret project, the creation of the world’s first Audi R8 limousine, has captured the imagination of the public and the press on a huge scale since the news was released, with the YouTube rendered 3D video depicting the design for the Audi R8 super limo topping 102,000 views just 10 days after being posted online.

The UK’s leading provider of limousine hire, Limo Broker, have been developing the idea of the Audi R8 limo behind closed doors since last year; finally revealing the plans for the project for the very first time at the annual Transport Broker Awards earlier in the month. Bespoke vehicle manufacturer, Carbonyte UK, have taken the project onboard and have been confirmed as the designers who will take the Audi R8 limo from the drawing board, to the road.

News of the Audi R8 limo has ricocheted around the globe since the project was first announced with everyone from Forbes magazine in America to Top Gear in the UK featuring the exclusive supercar on their pages. Thanks to the huge press coverage the Audi R8 limo has been receiving, the YouTube video depicting a 3D image of the design for the Audi limo has gone viral , with the video being posted across thousands of websites and receiving a massive 102,000 views in just 10 days.

Check out the Audi R8 limo video on YouTube right now and see why everyone’s talking about this supercar which promises to be the world’s fastest ever limousine.

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Yesterday, Cars For Stars was awarded not one but two MIMA Awards (Meetings Industry Marketing Awards). The organisation rewards companies who are marketing masterminds, regarding Cars For Stars as part of that category. Over 500 people congregated to honour the marketing connoisseurs across the industry.

The transport brokerage were commended at the ceremony last night for the execution of their Lamborghini Aventador Limo concept. The project proposed the stretching of a Lamborghini Aventador into a limousine. The construction of the video impressed existing and potential customers, as well as industry specialists. The organisers of this event said:

“Cars For Stars wowed the judges to take gold in the Best Use of Video Marketing category for a 3D video of the world’s first Lamborghini Aventador Limo, which increased its website traffic from 1,000 a day to 30,000 a day”

It was the SEO that Cars For Stars encouraged with the 3D effects that left the judging panel certain of their worthiness to be credited. Through key-word rich content the team enabled the video to position itself amongst hundreds of thousands. The PR team took to the video scene in a SEO War with rivals Limo Broker.

The two firms were formally in partnership. They have been rumoured to have parted ways with an anonymous buyer purchasing Cars For Stars. These series of videos seem to be in rivalry, making prominent statements in the world of marketing.

The Lamborghini Aventador Limo Concept racked up a great 85,000 views in comparison to Limo Brokers 35,000. Cars For Stars came a lot later in the year suggesting to make a big impression to their former partners. Have a look at both videos and tell us which one you prefer.

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Youtube has a billion unique users every single month (according to YouTube), with the world relying on the site for music, tutorials and informative videos. With Facebook only generating 900 million users per month the power of the YouTube channel can often be overlooked.

Although providing a fountain of knowledge YouTube also offers the space for us to let out our silly side, watching compilation videos of cats and other stupid material.

Whatever you use YouTube for you know that whatever you search you will be presented with, being an easily accessible format for users to fulfil a need. This is why it is imperative for businesses to utilise this tool, making YouTube a big part of an integrated marketing plan.


By designing and optimising your YouTube channel inline with your brand colours and shapes you will show continuity as a company, ensuring that people know whose channel they have landed on. The aim is to make new people aware of what you are doing, enticing them with unique material that will see them want to hit that subscribe button.

When looking at channels such as GoPro you can clearly see how YouTube is an effective marketing tool, allowing business to celebrate their creative side through video marketing.


If you are working for quite a seriously themed business it can be hard to express your brand’s personality to the fullest. YouTube can show your audience that you have many strings to you bow, with customers seeing your business in a refreshingly new light.


By creating how-to videos and delivering material that searchers are looking for on YouTube you can place your business amongst new potential customers, widening your target audience to a plethora of demographics. With the content being such a huge focus you need to put yourself in the shoes of your target customer, thinking what videos would help them in their everyday life.

Where traditional marketing was heavily focused on making a call to action modern online marketing is far less aggressive, with Youtube providing the space for people to engage with a business not be dictated by one.


Through posting a series of videos you can tell the story of your business visually, not throwing promises at customers but showing them proof of what you as a business can do. This celebrates your business and the services you can provide, showing visitors a catalogue of abilities that they feel confident in.