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One of our client’s, Maharaja London, has made a real name for themselves in the digital sphere of late, being the only catering company working in such a modern fashion. Completely transforming the industry in just a few months Maharaja is going to great efforts to stay at the top of both our minds and our search engines, investing heavily in the technological side of the business.

Being passionate about branding, digital marketing and modern practice in general their website it where they shine, putting at the centre of every business move they make. For this reason having the right domain name was extremely important; important enough for them to spend a whopping £75,000 on the company URL.

‘With having an online presence being so important for our growth plans this will really help turn Maharaja into a widely-celebrated brand’ claims a company spokesman.

A bitter battle

Involved in a bitter battle with another 3 companies Lak Banwait, the Business Development Manager, had his sights set on the name from the offset, claiming to be prepared to pay even more if the bidding continued.

‘Although many would think this to be an expensive purchase it is in fact a huge investment for us at Maharaja, with short, to-the-point domain names being great for both SEO and company image as a whole’.


Being such a prestigious word (meaning ‘high ruler’ or ‘king’) the word Maharaja comes with its own business associations, immediately endorsing the business as one of high quality and luxury.

Domain registration

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