5 Things We Learnt at Facebook’s ‘Boost Your Business’ Event

by | Jul 7, 2015 | All News, Social Media News

Where Will’s mum from the Inbetweeners has taught us all we need to know about ‘the Facebooks’ we at MOBO thought we would get a second opinion, yesterday attending the Facebook ‘Boost Your Business’ event at Cardiff National History Museum.

Welcoming business owners and digital marketers from all over the UK the get-together aimed to clear up all of our questions about advertising on Facebook, helping businesses like MOBO to connect with customers and ‘reach the world’.

Talking through the full suite of tools available the FB team delivered presentations, Q and A’s as well as intimate workshops, highlighting the ways in which we can help both ourselves and our clients gain local awareness, brand awareness and direct responses.



Claiming that mobile is ‘where customers are spending a vast amount of time a day’ the event’s organisers predicted that by 2016 69% of Facebook users would be coming to the site through mobile devices, with the tech moguls investing hugely in the mobile experience. Boasting extraordinary processing power mobile is the best place to advertise yourself, allowing you to dissect your audience and create campaigns that target individuals, groups, genders and various other categories.



Placing focus on how Facebook is a platform in which we can watch, create and consume Ollie of the UK team explained ‘the power of the video’. Being part of this always on, always-connected culture videos are proving to be more relevant for Facebook users, accommodating the always-on-the-move generation that we are in.

Having recently introduced the autoplay feature Facebook announced that over 4m videos are watched each day in the UK alone, with the video now existing as a sole marketing channel in which businesses can make use of.

How content has changed everything

With businesses creating more and more content (including videos, images and posts) than ever before Facebook are now taking a very different approach in how they decide what they will push onto your newsfeed and what they will leave behind. Using your credentials, the places you have visited, the websites you have landed on as well as posts you have endorsed Facebook gauge your tastes, dictating what you will and will not appreciate seeing. Therefore informative, playful content is more important than ever, with businesses needing to create content that will encourage organic reach.

Customer service 

live-facebook-help-copyIn the process of rolling out click-to-call and live chat features Facebook allows businesses to create, post and measure the success of ads with the help of FB advisors, a new incorporation that has come off the back of difficulty posting ads with ease.

In regards to customer service users are also reaping the benefits of Facebook’s new features with 2015 recording more direct messaging to businesses that any previous year.

‘Cash is King’

With 35million people in the UK logging in each day (which interestingly is that same amount of people that watched the opening and closing of the Olympic ceremony) Facebook is undoubtedly the best place to try and target customers online, however, like any form of advertising it can be expensive. With a new focus on dissecting audiences Facebook are allowing businesses to ‘cut through content’, presenting businesses with the opportunity to trial and test different target groups, thus saving them money by targeting the right people.


All in all the event was rather interesting, and we even got to enjoy a free ice-lolly! So thanks Facebook, we had a ball!


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