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We are strong advocates of responsive design, understanding what effect this has on the levels of user engagement.

If you have a website for whatever purpose then you want people to take it seriously, engage with it, learn from it and enjoy being on your pages. This is especially important if you use a website to advertise your business. E-commerce sites need to be responsive to enable people to book, place orders and purchase with ease. Having a hassle-free experience will influence not only more customers but it will entice them to return to the site and obtain services again and again.

With websites being the front face of every modern business it is vital that they can be displayed on all types of devices, not limiting who can be shown the greatness a site conveys.

So, why is it so great?

  • It increases the reach to tablet and mobile audiences

If you do not have a website that is accommodating to mobile users then you run the risk of losing that potential customer. With the majority of searches now being made on such apparatus it is imperative that a business can speak to them, with your target market relating to your online marketing material.

  • Influences higher conversion rates

If you have a website that is used to promote a product or service then the more people that can access it, the more people will become intrigued in your offering. So, by implementing a responsive site you could see a huge increase in sales.

  • Modernises your brand image

By adhering to the current market’s needs you will inevitably appear as more of a fashionable business, showing that you practice in a current and modern fashion. This can attract   technologically savvy people to your brand, reaping the rewards in many different forms.

  • Increases visibility on search engines 

With a responsive site you will have more people engaging with your content, appreciating your design and spending more time on various pages. This will flag up at Google, showing the search engine that your site is providing a service that people want. This will encourage Google to present your site for relevant keyword searches.

  • Consolidate your analytics

By having one responsive site you can create reports on the site’s success and functions, seeing what does and what does not work for your audience. With Google analytics showing you activities broken down into the devices you were reached from you create an online marketing strategy that best enhances your brand.

If you are looking for responsive web design then be sure to contact us today. Our team of incredible designers are renowned for working their magic to lure mobile users.

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