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As our PR Manager always says ‘a rubbish SEO strategy is about as much use as a chocolate teapot’ (that is the PG version), and although a tiny bit aggressive we think she may have a point.

Too often do we see blogs throwing information at us, not really tailoring a niche or channelling a focus. Although it is always great to be an informative source it may not be the best approach when it comes to creating a site that ranks well.

With the extinction of the phonebook consumers now go online when looking for local and national businesses, with the need for a high-ranking company website never being so important. Statistics show that in 2014 140 billion local searches were conducted on desktops and mobile devices, with these numbers growing year on.If your site is looking a little, well, non-existent, it may be worth taking our suggestions on board.

Decide what you need to rank for

When working on your site’s content it is well worth taking a step back and thinking carefully about what your customer’s would search for. This is very different to what you would like them to search for. By looking into Google Trends you can gain more of an idea of consumer behaviour, actively finding out what your potential clients are looking for on the web, creating posts and pages that answer these queries n a clear, coherent fashion.

Location based work

If you are specifically targeting your local area then make sure your website illustrates that, using the right keywords to do so. By taking this approach you will encourage Google to index your business locally, promoting your business to local searchers.

Being strong rebellions of keyword stuffing we encourage our customers and staff writers to use the right keywords, not just using the same words and phrases over and over again.

This should be seen through site content, title tags, meta descriptions, Google My Business Page, images, header, and social media profiles. With the correct keywords, your business will generate higher conversion rates, online and in store as well as more traffic.

Engage with Social Media

By using your Facebook and Twitter pages as endorsers of your website you can generate more traffic to an array of pages, telling Google that your content and design is providing a message that people want to learn.

This will also spark up conversations, encouraging people to discuss and identify with your brand.

If you are looking for some help with your SEO style then why not contact MOBO? We can provide expert advice as well as our team of technical writers.

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