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Urban Spirit

We were approached by the guys at Mobile Bar Hire to create a Luxury Bar Hire Brand that has the wow factor.

At Urban Spirit, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of results for our clients. Our commitment to excellence and professional service have contributed to our success. Our portable bars and talented staff are major attractions at a vast number of events across the UK including VIP events, red carpet events, corporate parties, weddings, celebrity after-parties, festivals and more.

When you book with Urban Spirit, you are contracting the industry’s finest. We boast several years of experience in the hospitality sector and are fluent in all aspects of event planning and execution. From bar set up to bartender hire, alcohol choices, range of cocktails offered, decor, and music, we will professionally execute the finer details so you don’t have to worry about a thing at your special event.

With all this in mind we began to look at the biggest luxury brands around the world (Rolex, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Rolls Royce). Taking inspiration from each, we began working on some concepts and liaised with the client to select what colours we would use.


Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolises power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.


The colour gold is cousin to the colour yellow and the colour brown, and is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz, and glamour.

Project Tasks

  • Web Design,
  • SEO,
  • Branding,
  • Logo Design,
  • Content

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