Golden Boy Records

Golden Boy Records

Golden Boy Records was another one of those projects that was a dream come true for MOBO. We got the brilliant chance to work with a brand new company and give it a complete design and identity along with technology from scratch.

Sometimes working with no history or current identity can actually be harder as it’s literally a blank canvas. Overcoming this we set clear objectives for the brand in our sit down the MD of Golden Boy Records, to establish the target markets and desired outcomes. Deciding on a brand feel that needs to represent the companies ambition for a high quality record label, and branding that represents how it’s doing things a little more organically and locally. We didn’t want a huge corporate feel, but wanted to retain the reliability and respect elements.

Working with these briefs in mind we created the Golden Boy Records branding and marketing collateral along with many back end systems for them to manage their artists, songs.

We even got to help design their recording studio and enjoyed several visits to the studio and.. well let’s just say the MOBO song we created won’t be the next Christmas #1.

Recording Studio Cardiff - Golden Boy Records

Recording Studio Cardiff – Golden Boy Records


Project Tasks

  • Web Design,
  • SEO,
  • Branding,
  • PR,
  • Logo Design,
  • Content,
  • Video,
  • Custom System Development

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