All businesses require character, needing to celebrate their brand visually online. At MOBO Media we provide the glasses to see your branding visions through, repositioning company image to encourage maximum success. Through tailored logo deigns, contemporary websites and effective marketing solutions we do exactly this, encouraging a large network of happy, successful companies here in Cardiff. Whatever type of business you are working with, your decisions in regards to branding will be amongst some of the most vital choices you make in business, whether you are a small business, large corporation, retail company or working with a B2B model.

Branding for new businesses

As a new business you will have plenty to think about, needing to decide the limits in which you can reach with this exciting new project. At MOBO we reflect this enthusiasm, using colour, typography, technology and inventiveness when doing so. Helping newly-formed companies make their mark in their industries we can office the following branding solutions:

and much more

Rebranding your company 

From logo design, through to full scale billboards and much more – our team of branding specialists incorporate aspects of marketing, design and ingenuity to create truly unique re-brands. Measuring the success and effectiveness of past work we do our research before carrying put an overhaul, arriving at a plan of action that is both affordable and effective.

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