3D Visual Rendering and VR

MOBO are now pleased to offer a 3D Visual Rendering and Virtual Reality Cardiff service, provided by our in house 3D genius. Whatever your need for 3D is, be it visualising a new building, mapping out your office or just to plan your new kitchen design, KK uses the latest Unreal Engine™ technology to ensure we can bring your project to life.

3D Visual rendering and Virtual Reality is one of the newest technologies available to us in the design industry. Using the latest technology in VR, it allows the Designer to create a visual journey for the client, an artificial room-space or sandbox style map that can be navigated using a VR headset.

Utilising 3D Visual Rendering and Virtual Reality (VR), MOBO have the ability to create literally anything, from housing to office spaces, and even bigger installations such as stadiums and arenas. Our 3D rendering and Visual Reality service is based in our Cardiff office, but we also offer VR design to anyone in UK, including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Yorkshire,

3D Visual rendering and Virtual reality is a brand new service that MOBO can offer, and we can’t wait to get it off to a start! If you are interested in what we can achieve for your organisation using VR, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Cardiff office, and ask us anything!

Oh, and everything you see in these images is 100% rendered. Amazing, isn’t it? Our team use the Unreal Engine™ to render his bespoke 3D Visual Rendering, creating something that is strikingly lifelike.

Please get in touch to learn more about our 3D & VR design services.

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