Women feel more pressure than men to be witty on Facebook

According to a recent study, women feel more pressurised to come up with engaging and interesting status updates when compared to men, but overall, social media is affecting all of our stress levels.

While networks such as Facebook and Twitter are a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family, the constant need to engage with people on social networks is having a detrimental effect on our stress levels. The Cenovis Chill Pill Survey, conducted by Galaxy Research, questioned 420 Aussies over the age of 18 found that 63% admitted that social media was having an effect on how stressed out the feel.

Out of this 63%, 37% said they felt under pressure to be in constant touch with Facebook to avoid being “out of the loop”, while 35% revealed they feel a demand on them to reply to any message they receive via the social network as quickly as possible.  

With the added pressure of people rating your status updates as other users have the chance to “like” what you’ve written or comment, it seems Facebook users are feeling the strain of being judged on their off the cuff remarks. 69% of women admitted to feeling under pressure to impress others with their status updates, while only 39% of men said they were worried about what others thought of their updates.

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