Top web design elements that can drive sales  

While a great-looking website can do wonders for brand awareness, Stakeholders will require a lot more that pretty aesthetics, in need of online marketing activity that has a direct impact on sales/revenue. Here at MOBO, we have been offering web design and development in Cardiff for many years, understanding how to be creative whilst keeping those KPIs in mind.

If you are looking to invest in a website that enhances the success of your business, then take inspiration from these web design elements; features that we at MOBO work with daily.

Intuitive layout

Great web design is mastering the art of transferring lots of information in a visually pleasing manner, whether you are a B2B or B2C company. This is why we always work with intuitive layout, being easy to navigate, and prioritising information that the user needs to invest in your product/service.

The general rule is to ensure users do not need to hunt for information, but is fed to them in the order in which they need it. For instance, if you believe articles explaining how your products work is the intention for your website, put that feed at the top of the page.

Clear copy

The words on the page are incredibly important, needing to be clear, concise and informative. Far too often do we at MOBO read web copy that is too stuffy and intellectually challenging, with web copy revealing the main benefits or values of your products or services.

Trust elements

One of the main intentions for your website is to give your brand exposure, positioning your company as a trustworthy, honest firm. This can be achieved very easily. From short bios of employees and refraining from using stick imagery, to posting testimonials from customers; through web design you can offer a window into your business’ personality.

Third-party validation

Though your web copy can tell the reader that you are the best in the industry at what you do, as a nation we need validation. By featuring any awards or accreditations the business has achieved on your homepage, you provide a type of safety net for the reader, allowing them to trust your words and believe in you as a business.

If you are looking to design a new website in order to generate sales leads, contact us at MOBO today!

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