Top ways to delight users with animation

Digital design plays a huge role in the way that customers experience a product. Modern design is increasingly becoming focussed on usability. This is due to it allowing users to effectively accomplish their goals in a stress-free and quick manner. However, designing for the user experience has a lot more to it than sustaining a usable product. Good design is pleasurable and delightful, and at this point in design’s evolution, satisfaction should be a norm and the goal. To understand the delightful concept of animation online, we’ve put together the top ways a designer could do this. Take a look below.

When to use delightful animation

Just like numerous other design elements, animation should contribute to the user flow. Delightful animations are pleasurable for every user without actually detracting from the app. There are a number of cases why to implement delightful animation to your digital designs, but the two main points are:

  • Engaging and entertaining. Entrainment animation primarily draws attention to particular products. It does this by creating a good first impression. This can ultimately make products more memorable and shareable.
  • Baking emotion in design. Showing the human side of your product or business can be a good way for your audience to identify with you. The aim with this point is to create happiness. The goal is to ultimately make people feel happy when they use your product.

Let us delve into a few ways that animation can help create delightful moments:

Keep users interested whilst loading  

Loading time is definitely an unavoidable situation for a lot of digital products. But who says that loading should be doom and gloom? If you can’t shorten the line, then make the wait more interesting. To make sure users don’t get bored and give up waiting, you can offer them a distraction for the duration. This can be something fun or something unexpected. No, animation won’t solve the problem of a wait, but it will certainly make the experience a little less boring. The incorporation of fine animation can distract users and make them ignore long loading times.

Make a great first impression

First impressions certainly do count. Absolutely everyone these days’ judge things by the way they look. Therefore, by maintaining good animation throughout the website’s flow can have an impact on how first-time users will see your company. If your first few app screens look a little different from similar products, you’ve shown the user that your entire product experience will likely be different too. By animating an illustration for a new feature, you can educate the user about the feature in a fun and memorable way.

Make your interfaces feel more alive

If you make your animation truly delightful, you can transform the familiarity of interactions into something a lot more enjoyable. You will also have the power to encourage users to interact. If you pay attention to the fine movements, you are sure to increase the level of desirability for the product.

So, overall you should never underestimate the power of delight in order to improve the user experience. Of course, before you can create an emotional connection with the user, you absolutely must get the basics correct. Therefore, be sure to make your product a joy through connecting feelings with features!




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