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Top ways to delight users with animation

Digital design plays a huge role in the way that customers experience a product. Modern design is increasingly becoming focussed on usability. This is due to it allowing users to effectively accomplish their goals in a stress-free and quick manner. However, designing for the user experience has a lot more… Read more »

3 Web design tips for beginners

Many people study web design in university, but fail to become successful in the ‘real world’ shall we say. Although, one thing to remember within the design industry is that there is no secret to success. There is a continuous loop of learning to be done in order to keep… Read more »

Infographics explained: Types and Tips

In recent years, infographics have become a means of mass communication. Designed to reach a wider audience, infographics are a means to simplifying complex subjects and arranging it in an easy to digest format. It is due to its fair simplicity and compelling storytelling that it has gained a lot… Read more »

Essential Trends All Designers Should Live By

During this blog, we focus on design elements and trends. Many recent trends within the web design industry have involved colour/typography, or user patterns, but it is certainly all about subtle techniques. Important trends to take note of though does include down page navigation, boxes as a design element and… Read more »

Top reasons to invest in responsive web design

Mobo Media

When Google launched their mobile friendly algorithm on 21 April 2015, the buzzword right across the internet was ‘responsive web design’. From SEO experts to Google themselves, and just about every digital marketing or website design blog, magazine and website, it was quite clear that opting for a responsive website… Read more »

Euro 2016 website up for two Lovie Awards 

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

With Wales recognised for their loyal fanbase by UEFA just yesterday it seems that we are still reaping the benefits of Wales’ success in the European Championships, also returning to the top ten of FIFA’s world rankings, leap-frogging Spain and neighbours, England. However, this week the games have been celebrated not… Read more »