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Top Ways a Template or Design Kit Can Save Your Project

You don’t actually have to start-and-finish every website design from scratch each time. Before you question the above statement, how many times have you done exactly the same thing to start a project? And how many times have you created the same icons or user interface elements with just a… Read more »

3 Fresh alternatives to the hamburger menu

On a mobile, screen space is certainly a precious resource. To meet design criteria in a small screen space, designers often rely on hiding navigation behind the hamburger icon. In this article, we will discuss exactly why and how hidden navigation generates negative UX, and what fresh alternatives there are… Read more »

Top ways to build a better website

What are the very first things you consider before starting a website project? Plus, what are your very first steps? Are you searching for design inspiration on step one, or very close after that? Perhaps you are more of a developer, and may need to explore code and functionality soon… Read more »

3 Techniques for spotting mistakes before they go live

Launching a brand new website can be both exciting and nerve wracking. You want to show what you’ve taken time to build, what you have learned and the creative solutions you’ve thought of. Once launched, you get a lot of comments from your friends saying, “Hey, that looks amazing!” Then… Read more »

Top Tips for Designing a Perfect Split Screen Homepage

One screen split in two. Known about for a long time in the film industry, the split screen technique dates back to the silent movie days in the early 20th century, and is now even more popular in television and film today. A split screen layout is used when full-screen… Read more »

Top ways to prevent friction in your design

Whilst a user is experiencing your website, friction is the thing that prevents them from accomplishing their goals. Friction is a huge problem because it leads to a reduction of conversations, bouncing and overall frustrates your users to the point of abandoning their tasks. In this article, you will be… Read more »

Top tips for creating flat design graphics

You’ve probably already heard about flat design, as it is one of the main trends in web design for a few years already. This article will primarily focus on this trend, delving into where it came from and what you need to do to keep it clean, vivid and responsive…. Read more »

Website videos: our top design tips

In the last few years, there’s been more and more websites starting to use background videos as a feature design. It’s expected that this trend will only increase as internet connections improve, video codecs get better, and browsers have increasing support for HTML5 video. If designed properly, a background video… Read more »

3 Guidelines for exceptional web design

When it comes to designing or re-designing a website, it can be easy to get very pernickety about the aesthetics. However, if you are really trying to accomplish something with a website, you will need to focus on more than just how it looks. In a world where people have… Read more »

3 Things Users Want to Know Sooner Rather Than Later

When users go to any website, they are looking for something specific. They might want to buy a product, find information, or even browse random memes. Whatever the reason is, they have a goal in mind. Remembering this, people will only go to websites which give them exactly what they… Read more »