Study charts Twitter’s rise in popularity

TwitterA study released this week charts Twitter’s rise in popularity and found that 2009 proved a turning point for the social network.

The research, which was conducted by Sysomos who specialise in analysing social media, found that 95% of current Twitter users signed up since 2009 which means that only 4.7% of current member members were using the site prior to this.

Sysomos reported that they examined over a billion Tweets and 20 million Twitter users as part of the study into the habits and changing patterns of the social network site.

Launched back in 2006, Twitter saw healthy growth figures within the first couple of years of its existence, but come 2009, the micro blogging site sky rocketed in the popularity stakes. The surge in sign-ups may have also been aided by the large intake of celebrities and also businesses who started to recognise the value of Twitter as a marketing tool to publicise information about themselves or their company.

The statistics collected by Sysomos also revealed that Twitter members have become more open about sharing information on the site, with the number of people choosing to add a 140 character bio to their profile doubling since 2009 going from 31% to 69%.

According to the study Twitter members also more willing to share their location via the site as 81% now reveal where they are, compared to just 44% in 2009.

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