Minimalist web design: What are the essentials? 

Minimalism is a web design theme that has lorded the past five years. However, it is about a lot more than white space and a lack of information. Being huge fans of the web design style, we at MOBO thought we would dig deeper into the ‘essentials’ of minimalist.

Clean and functional

While many think that minimalist design means an inherent lack of detail, the aim is rather different, with designers removing any unnecessary information to give way to clearer, more functional websites. Though it may sound a little lazy, the same amount of usability must be provided with much fewer things to work with, meaning a clean approach is in fact a harder design process to execute.

Flat design

One of the key characteristics of minimalistic web design is flat design, with flat interfaces meaning there are no shadows, highlights, gradients, textures or any three-dimensional elements. Complimenting minimalism, flat design again removes anything unneeded, keeping things basic and to the point. This is said to give users a more intense, straight-forward experience.


While bright colours are key signifiers, often utilised in traditional forms of marketing, minimalist web design usually limits the pallet to complimentary colours. This is mainly due to the fact that with such little information, colour can often take centre stage, encouraging many designers to use monochromatic colours; using white, grey and black shades.

Negative space

Made famous by Google, negative space (or white space) is a key component of a minimalist website, meaning large gaps of space on screen left empty. Where designers used to use every inch of the screen, minimalism uses emptiness in order to ensure users focus on a certain element, whether it be a graphic, a call to action or a logo.

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