Huffington Post rebrands and will now go by the name ‘HuffPost’

The Huffington Post has finally warmed to its adopted name and has officially rebranded as “HuffPost”. Its website has also had a complete freshen up too.

In the whole of its 12 years, not once has the US-based news site had a face lift…until now that is.

The changes have been done less than a year after co-founder Ariana Huffington released a statement to the public saying she will be stepping down the ladder to editor-in-chief. This came after she had been in the position for 16 years since the brands creation.

HuffPost’s new editor in chief, Lydia Polgreen, has stated that, “The new design reflects our bold promise to help readers know what’s real and what really matters.”

The new logo has gone live to all of its online editions. All 17 have been totally rebranded to match the change and have their own brand new respective social media profiles. This of course includes the UK edition.

The websites rebrand includes a new homepage and a new feature which “tells and shows the most important story of the day”. There’s also a flash video “highlighting original news-driven video”.

Chief executive Jared Grusd said: “HuffPost is the pioneer of online journalism and continues to lead the digital news landscape. Our changes today build upon our heritage of continuous innovation.

“Today, we make a decided leap into our future. The rebrand and relaunch of our products symbolise our commitment to continually evolve to help our audiences connect with a world that is changing rapidly around them.”

This is a positive move for HuffPost who have roughly 200m daily visitors across all of its news sites.

Logo designer Julia Beizer has said, “We started with what we believe sets us apart – our editorial voice: down to earth, cutting through what doesn’t matter and getting to what’s real.

“These thoughts inspired the forward-slash shape that brackets our name on the top of our site and stands alone as our app and social logo.

“The shape symbolises the company’s movement forward into the future, and subtly pays homage to our heritage as the first scaled digital-only news brand by evoking the forward slash found in URLs.”

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