Google Maps morphs into Pac Man for April Fool’s Day

With April Fool’s Day being a Marketer’s dream, the internet is always filled with hilarious memes and outlandish comments on April 1st , with Google’s creativity always impressing us here at MOBO. This year, we saw Google reimagine Google Maps, turning it into a Pac-Man game. Giving us at MOBO great feelings of nostalgia, Google’s passion for gamification has seen them enjoy another successful April Fool’s campaign.

The timeless arcade classic will no doubt bring back some incredible memories, with Google thanked by many for Apple users for bringing this game back to life.

Available until April 4, the game celebrates the Easter egg, allowing it to eat yellow circles, played on a map of real streets across Surrey, west London, Hampshire and Bucks. Focused on Ms Pac rather than her male counterpart, the game is available to play on all types of devices, whether you are on an iPad, iMac or iPhone.

While stealing the limelight on April 1st, Google were just one brand exercising their creativity online, with fake news and pranks continuing throughout the day. Below are just a few of our favourites.

British Army – Urban Camouflage

Wanting to give us a little giggle, the British Army’s prank centred on clothing, with the marketing department coming up with the idea of urban camouflage.

“Developed in secret with some of the UK’s biggest homebuilders and fashion houses,” says British Forces News, “UP camo is designed to give British troops the advantage when fighting in built-up areas such as European towns and cities.

“Depending on where troops are deployed they’ll be issued with either Brick, Stone or Pebble Dash clothing, kit and body armour.”

Coca-Cola Helium

Coca-Cola promised ‘all the taste of coke’ plus ‘all the fun of inhaling helium from a balloon’.

BBC THREE – David Attenborough’s Life of Grime

As a national treasure, Attenborough is nothing but charming, encouraging tranquil thoughts on nature with his soothing voice. However, in a plea to make us laugh, BBC THREE mocked up a fake TV programme, putting Sir Attenborough as the face of the Grime music scene.

Let us know what you think, who won the April Fools war?

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