Gay Skype wedding in trouble after court finds the union invalid

Further to our previous article which reported on what was thought to be the first ever same-sex marriage conducted via Skype, we can reveal that the e-ceremony has been hit by difficulties after the Supreme Court in the US ruled that the union is invalid.

Dante and Mark Walkup wanted to be married in their home state of Texas surrounded by their family and friends. However same sex unions are not legal in the state of Texas, and so the couple’s dreams seemed dashed.

That was until they came up with the idea of conducting their ceremony via the internet video communication site, Skype. The pair travelled to Washington DC where the consulted experts to check if they could legally tie the knot in Texas, with a video link to a registrar in Washington where gay unions are legal.

The couple were lead to believe that this was possible, and so carried out the necessary paperwork and set about planning their big day.

The wedding went ahead without a hitch, with the ceremony being conducted by a officiate in Washington, and the couple in Texas.

However a few weeks after the ceremony, the newlyweds received a letter from the Supreme Court advising them that their union was not legal because the couple were not physically present at the ceremony. The pair were advised to travel to Washington to have a service carried out in person if they wanted to be legally recognised as each other’s partner.

It’s been reported that the Walkups are currently considering whether or not to fight the Supreme Court ruling on their union.

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