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Top web design trends of 2017

Mobo Media

With 2016 well and truly over, it is time for the designers, developers and digital marketers out there to start thinking about 2017, with creative trends expected to shift dramatically over the course of the next year. Here at Mobo we go to great lengths to stay at the helm… Read more »

Top reasons to invest in responsive web design

Mobo Media

When Google launched their mobile friendly algorithm on 21 April 2015, the buzzword right across the internet was ‘responsive web design’. From SEO experts to Google themselves, and just about every digital marketing or website design blog, magazine and website, it was quite clear that opting for a responsive website… Read more »

When to redesign your website  

Here at MOBO we understand that change can be pretty daunting, especially when it comes to something so important such as your business website. As the frontman (or woman) of your company, people are often hesitant to make changes, either wary they will harm the branding style or simply not… Read more »

Apple Watch Responsive Design

Apple Watch Responsive Design by MOBO

After hearing that a dev/jailbreaker named Comex had already hacked a browser onto the Apple watch (source), we at MOBO decided to get one step ahead, ensuring our site was responsively designed and adapted for the Apple Watch. We spent a fair amount of time researching if anyone has done this… Read more »

Web Design – Making a First Impression!

When creating a company website it is essential that it is designed in a way that captivates people, providing snippets of information that encourages visitors to dig deeper and deeper into what your company can achieve. Designing inline with modern user requests is a must, just think, your competitor is… Read more »

Top web design focuses of 2015

Even though our mummies used to say that ‘looks were not everything’ she was wrong, with image being EVERYTHING in web design. If a website is not tuned up to speak to the modern user then you run the risk of loosing visitors, seeing your bounce rate get higher and… Read more »

Web design layout trends of 2015

The approach to web design has progressed majorly over the past ten years, with digital design witnessing trends that are cemented in the history of technology. With a website being the front face of any modern business it is essential that flourishing businesses keep their site looking fresh, inline with… Read more »

5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

We are strong advocates of responsive design, understanding what effect this has on the levels of user engagement. If you have a website for whatever purpose then you want people to take it seriously, engage with it, learn from it and enjoy being on your pages. This is especially important… Read more »