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Facebook move closer to trademark success

Facebook have made the first successful step towards getting the word “face” trademarked after the popular social network was granted a Notice of Allowance from trademark officails this week. The social network started the ball roll two years ago with a view to trademarking both the words “face” and “book”… Read more »

Skype hits milestone of 25 million concurrent users

The internet communication service Skype hit a new high this week when it recorded 25 million concurrent users communicating via Skype services at the same time. Skype has been going from strength to strength in 2010 with the help of a number of high profile partnerships with other online providers,… Read more »

MySpace submits to Facebook in new venture

It’s been revealed that social network MySpace has signed a deal with Facebook which will allow users to log-in to their MySpace account via Facebook. A number of other features have been ported over between the two social networks following the joint agreement. A Facebook Like button is in the… Read more »

Gay couple sidestep marriage laws by getting married over Skype

Gay couple sidestep marriage laws by getting married over Skype A gay couple from Texas have sidestepped the law banning same sex marriage in their state by getting hitched via the video internet communication website, Skype. Mark Reed and Dante Walkup have been dating for 10 years and decided the… Read more »

Saudi Arabia banned Facebook for several hours

The authorities in Saudi Arabia decided to implement a ban on Facebook over the weekend after the popular social networking site “crossed the line.” Saudi Arabia follows the teachings of Islam and is heavily influenced by the instruction of religious leaders. According to the authorities, Facebook was hit with a… Read more »

The Queen is the latest Facebook recruit

The Queen has joined half a billion other people across the globe by signing up to the biggest social network site, Facebook. Launched this morning at 8am, the Official British Monarchy page attracted 40,000 users within its first hour online. However the Queen’s Facebook page is unlike the accounts of… Read more »

Google bars Facebook from accessing Gmail

Google have thrown a spanner in the works of Facebook’s growth plans by barring the social network from accessing its contacts data on its email service Gmail. The change has come about as a result of Google’s decision to re-write their terms and conditions. Under their new terms, Google say… Read more »

Twitter introduces adverts to personal timelines

Micro-blogging social network site Twitter has revealed plans to introduce advertising to the personal timelines of its members. The adverts will be marked as “promoted” in order to easily distinguish these ads from other tweets. The kind of adverts which appear on each individual’s timeline will be tailored to their… Read more »