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How the MOBOTS responded to the latest Google update

As you will probably know, Google are the Kings of the online world, dictating pretty much everything when it comes to our digital community. As MOBO techies we always have to stay one step ahead of the game, making sure we are ready and waiting for any Google updates. What… Read more »

MOBO Respond to Google Update Announcement

With modern searchers now mainly coming to websites through mobile devices Google are making many changes to the way in which they work, having to accommodate to emerging trends in searching. Their algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns, constantly requiring them to introduce their infamous updates. Where algorithm updates… Read more »

After Much Coffee Mobo Launch

As you will know the Mobo team have been pretty busy of late, juggling various different design and marketing projects here at the Cardiff office. With March being what we have dubbed ‘Caffeine Appreciation Month’ we were happy to celebrate the launch of, a website for the UK’s leading… Read more »

Content is King says Moz & Google

Moz is the online marketing information hub, a platform that we at Mobo hold in extremely high regard. Moz is best-known for it’s offering of advice, helping webmasters build and maintain sites that work to the best of their ability. With the Mobo team constantly sourcing inspiration from the people at… Read more »

YouTube channel optimisation: It makes a difference!

Youtube has a billion unique users every single month (according to YouTube), with the world relying on the site for music, tutorials and informative videos. With Facebook only generating 900 million users per month the power of the YouTube channel can often be overlooked. Although providing a fountain of knowledge… Read more »

5 Tips for Marketing Your Business

If you have no experience in the marketing arena but would like to promote your company to the right people you may be pretty surprised by just how easy it can be. When setting up a business many can place too much focus on the operational side of their company, and although an… Read more »

4 Common SEO Mistakes

SEO is a subject renowned for splitting opinion, with each and every blogger, online content writer and marketer thinking they have the multi layered, complex topic sussed. Over the years we at SEO News have tried to stay with the times, adhering to Google updates and suggestions, only taking advice… Read more »

How to Spread the Word Of SEO

SEO is a subject that is notorious for splitting opinion, with many feeling that they completely understand the multi-layered complexity of the search engine, when really, they do not. With a lot of snobbery surrounding the subject the only body in which we can really rely on to put forward… Read more »

High Gear Insurance invest 6 figures in SEO

We are always happy to see businesses understanding the necessity of a great, functioning website, with investing in online marketing being the only route to modern success. seem to have taken this to a new level, with the news of them spending a 6 figure sum on their website… Read more »

High Gear Insurance continues to climb the Google SEO ranks

At SEO News we have been closely monitoring the insurance industry of late, greatly intrigued by the astounding efforts brokers are making when attempting to achieve top ranking on Google. Showing a passion for online marketing it seems that independent brokers are pushing comparison sites aside, encouraging searchers to land… Read more »