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Twitter boss steps down

Twitter co-founder and CEO Evan Williams has announced his plans to step down to allow another colleague to come forward to steer the company during its new phase. Williams is the second Twitter CEO to step down after two years in the job. The Twitter co-founder is not leaving the… Read more »

Facebook and Skype close to striking a deal

According to recent reports, social networking site Facebook and internet communication network Skype are extremely close to striking a deal. The two organisations are leaders in their own fields with Facebook boasting 500 million users worldwide while Skype claims to have 560 million members across the globe. The pairing of… Read more »

Yahoo! and Twitter join forces

Yahoo! has signed a deal with the popular micro-blogging site Twitter which will see Yahoo! users able to access Twitter via a whole host of Yahoo! products. It’s not unusual for search engines to partner up with social networking sites such as Twitter. Only last year Google and Microsoft’s Bing… Read more »

The passwords banned by Twitter revealed

An internet blogger has uncovered a list of passwords which micro blogging website Twitter has banned from use on its website. The social networking site is clamping down on passwords which could be used as by hackers to infiltrate private accounts and post fake Twitter updates. The list of banned… Read more »

Microsoft introduces its brand new search engine, BING..

Hot off the heels of unveiling their protégée at the Wall Street Journal: All Things Digital conference in California last week, Microsoft launched their brand new search engine BING into the world 2 days earlier than planned. BING is designed to take over from Microsoft’s current search engine Live Search,… Read more »

How often do you use Google?

It sounds like a silly question when it seems like anytime you have a question, can’t remember an actor’s name or want to download a song, you turn to good old Google to find the answer for you. But have a second think and answer this – do you use… Read more »

Pay as You Go Websites (Website Leasing) has Tax Benefits

Website leasing has great advantages for new and existing businesses to keep costs to a minimum and maintain better cash flow. Also many people are not aware that there are also “Tax Benefits of leasing a website” also known as pay as you go websites. Leasing an asset is like renting… Read more »

Search engines were severely manipulated in the 90s

There’s a lot of crap on the internet isn’t there so I can see why you’d assume that SEO keyword articles are just more crap. And not just any old crap, crap to manipulate search engine rankings, so can you trust SEO articles? Well yes, by their nature you can… Read more »