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Gay couple sidestep marriage laws by getting married over Skype

Gay couple sidestep marriage laws by getting married over Skype A gay couple from Texas have sidestepped the law banning same sex marriage in their state by getting hitched via the video internet communication website, Skype. Mark Reed and Dante Walkup have been dating for 10 years and decided the… Read more »

Free Wi-Fi offered by Skype this week

VoIP provider Skype is offering internet users the chance to access Wi-Fi for free across the UK for one week only. The special promotion runs for five days from 8th-12th November to coincide with Internet Week Europe. The scheme will allow internet users to access Wi-Fi hotpots for no cost… Read more »

The Queen is the latest Facebook recruit

The Queen has joined half a billion other people across the globe by signing up to the biggest social network site, Facebook. Launched this morning at 8am, the Official British Monarchy page attracted 40,000 users within its first hour online. However the Queen’s Facebook page is unlike the accounts of… Read more »

Google offers cash rewards as part of its Bug Bounty scheme

Google has launched a new programme whereby it will offer cash rewards to anyone who spots potential vulnerabilities in any of its systems. Known as The Bug Bounty Program, computer whizz kids can earn anything from $500-$3,133 for uncovering a flaw which could potentially lead to the confidentiality or data… Read more »

Are Twitter talking tough about trademarks and tweets?

Not desiring their brand to go the way of Xerox, Aspirin and Kleenex (which lost their trademark status in the US), the folks at Twitter wrote a post linking to not only their new logos, but also highlighting the rules when it comes to using “tweet” or “twitter” in a… Read more »