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MOBO branch out into 3D Visual Rendering and VR

3D Visual Rendering and Virtual Reality

Here at MOBO we are are constantly expanding on our suite of digital services, now adding 3D Visual Rendering and VR into the mix. Employing in-house 3D specialists who boast an impressive track record, our team has worked on many projects with various types of clients, working creatively to bring strict… Read more »

MOBO launch online booking system for national limo hire firm, Limo Broker

Here at Mobo we have dedicated the past few months to our clients Limo Broker, a national luxury car hire firm. Offering everything from vintage wedding cars to top of the range Lamborghinis, Limo Broker pride themselves on their all-encompassing nature, claiming to be the ‘one stop shop for the… Read more »

Cloud based EPOS Software Eposoft goes live!

Epos Systems

At Mobo we were incredibly humbled when asked to design the Eposoft website; and with a lot of code and a lot more coffee it is finally live! Being the tech geeks that we are we love designing for fellow passionate techies, with the team being just that! What… Read more »

MOBO joins forces with Rajeev B for International PR campaign

As you will know at MOBO Media we offer a whole gamut of services, helping our client’s with everything from web design and development to marketing and PR. As a result we have recently signed a year-long agreement with international Bhangra star Rajeev B, further promoting his already highly-regarded talents…. Read more »

5 Tips for Marketing Your Business

If you have no experience in the marketing arena but would like to promote your company to the right people you may be pretty surprised by just how easy it can be. When setting up a business many can place too much focus on the operational side of their company, and although an… Read more »

5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

We are strong advocates of responsive design, understanding what effect this has on the levels of user engagement. If you have a website for whatever purpose then you want people to take it seriously, engage with it, learn from it and enjoy being on your pages. This is especially important… Read more »

4 Common SEO Mistakes

SEO is a subject renowned for splitting opinion, with each and every blogger, online content writer and marketer thinking they have the multi layered, complex topic sussed. Over the years we at SEO News have tried to stay with the times, adhering to Google updates and suggestions, only taking advice… Read more »

How to Spread the Word Of SEO

SEO is a subject that is notorious for splitting opinion, with many feeling that they completely understand the multi-layered complexity of the search engine, when really, they do not. With a lot of snobbery surrounding the subject the only body in which we can really rely on to put forward… Read more »

High Gear Insurance invest 6 figures in SEO

We are always happy to see businesses understanding the necessity of a great, functioning website, with investing in online marketing being the only route to modern success. seem to have taken this to a new level, with the news of them spending a 6 figure sum on their website… Read more »