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Mobo are Now Official Apple News Partners!

At Mobo we go to great lengths to share our knowledge of the design and digital marketing world, teaching clients, blog subscribers and anyone who will listen about the latest in industry progression. For this reason we were are extremely excited to have been given the accreditation of Apple news… Read more »

MOBOcycle – Delivering Greener Meetings

MOBO's Digital Design Agency Cool Design Fixie Bike

At MOBO we like to think of ourselves as fairly eco-friendly, avoiding any possible usage of paper in our office; keeping everything digital. We also love to keep healthy and energetic so it was inevitable, when we were stuck in the Cardiff traffic on the way to a SEO catchup… Read more »

Journalist/Content Writer Internship at Mobo

Mobo Media are offering two aspiring writers the opportunity to become interns at their Cardiff Bay HQ, working under the PR and marketing team. The intern’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, providing the company websites with daily, original content; write reviews; blogs; conduct interviews; and promote their work… Read more »

What Makes a Great Logo: Mobo’s Top Tips

When branding or rebranding a business, big or small, the first thing that needs to be decided on is the logo, with all aspects of online branding following the design, feel and style of the company logo. This is why it is essential that your logo celebrates your ethos as… Read more »

New Kardashian Websites Unveiled

  Love or hate them the Kardashians are everywhere with the matriarch, Kim, enjoying 30M followers on Twitter, 25M on Facebook and 28M on Instagram. Although this does not sound extremely ground-breaking when said fast Kim Kardashian actually has a larger following than the Fortune 10 companies combined, illustrating her power as a… Read more »

10 Things You Should Never Say to a MOBO Web Designer

At MOBO we go to great lengths to preserve the high regarded name of the web designer, feeling the need to reiterate the fact that web designers are the experts within their niche field. With the internet making the ability to design a lot easier than ever before it seems… Read more »

What’s the Difference Between PR and Marketing?

Where many believe that PR comes under the umbrella of ‘Marketing’ it is important that as a business you can make clear distinctions between said industries, ensuring that your communication strategies have a clear, measurable objective. Understanding that not everyone knows the difference between PR and marketing we thought we… Read more »

Could MOBO Live on Mars?

Although sparking widespread criticism from scientists and space luminaries the Mars One mission is nonetheless an amazing project; one that we at MOBO are slightly obsessed with. The privately-funded one-way mission hopes to establish a permanent human colony on the red planet, starting and maintaining life on Mars. While the… Read more »

Our Top Online Marketing Tips (Thank Us Later)

Here at the MOBO studio we are extremely pro-tech, using various technologies to make the mundane practices of life simpler. With a no-fuss approach to pretty much everything we employ clean, clear marketing visions, building and promoting online campaigns in an effective fashion. If you are struggling with ways to… Read more »

MOBO’s Ten Commandments

  With our Content Editor having the surname Moses it made sense to us to produce a set of company commandments, web design and development rules that are simply non-negotiable. Practicing digital marketing as strictly as a religion we have come up with ten strict rules that aid creativity throughout… Read more »