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3 Steps to Perfect Your SEO Strategy

As our PR Manager always says ‘a rubbish SEO strategy is about as much use as a chocolate teapot’ (that is the PG version), and although a tiny bit aggressive we think she may have a point. Too often do we see blogs throwing information at us, not really tailoring a… Read more »

MOBO’s new web design office space

MOBO decided to finally up sticks and get a new office space near Cardiff Bay at the end of March 2015. The old office design was looking a bit dated and not really inline with the MOBO feel. The aim was to build a real workspace that invoked creativity with a homely feel; an environment that makes… Read more »

Meet Hraday Joshi – He Was An Early Developer

We would like to introduce you to Hraday, MOBO’s very own in-house developer. Although known for introducing the office to some weird and wonderful Asian delicacies he is also a pretty dab hand at web development, bringing designs to life through code. Working closely with the MOBO design team Hraday… Read more »

Top 5 Gadgets of Today (according to Mobo)

At Mobo our office is made up of technological trinkets, often depicting an Inspector Gadget convention. Our tech wizards are constantly adding to our collection on junk, I mean gadgets, seeing our staff room filled with items such as pizza scissors and radio-toaster combos. It seems that it is not just Mobo… Read more »

After Much Coffee Mobo Launch

As you will know the Mobo team have been pretty busy of late, juggling various different design and marketing projects here at the Cardiff office. With March being what we have dubbed ‘Caffeine Appreciation Month’ we were happy to celebrate the launch of, a website for the UK’s leading… Read more »

Content is King says Moz & Google

Moz is the online marketing information hub, a platform that we at Mobo hold in extremely high regard. Moz is best-known for it’s offering of advice, helping webmasters build and maintain sites that work to the best of their ability. With the Mobo team constantly sourcing inspiration from the people at… Read more »

Web Design – Making a First Impression!

When creating a company website it is essential that it is designed in a way that captivates people, providing snippets of information that encourages visitors to dig deeper and deeper into what your company can achieve. Designing inline with modern user requests is a must, just think, your competitor is… Read more »

Is SEO a Game? Search Awards Judge Edward Cowell Explains

SEO Gurus are arguably the celebrities of the modern age, with those who successfully crack the algorithm code being figures of fascination in the world of technology. At mobo we are extremely passionate about sharing our knowledge on SEO, helping not only our customers but all of our site visitors. With so… Read more »

Meet Alex, our very own Web Developer

Although socially awkward at times this young man is arguably the brains behind our projects, bringing designs and projects to life through code. Where his ability to talk to the opposite sex is often questioned his development skills are far from doubted, renowned for coding at a tremendously fast pace…. Read more »