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Google’s Penguin 4.0 release will be the last of its kind 


After a 2 year wait Google has finally updated its Penguin algorithm, with the search community dubbing the update ‘Penguin 4.0’. Claiming that Penguin will now be part of its core search algorithm this fourth major release has seen SEOs sit up and take notice, required to create more informative, concise and… Read more »

Our latest project Blooming Boutique is now live!

Blooming Boutique

   Having recently worked with insurance and finance firms it was a refreshing change to work on our latest project, Blooming Boutique. With the theme of floristry making way for some creative ideas to surface we are incredibly pleased with the end product, with our clients, and most importantly their… Read more »

Mysterious Daft Punk website sparks rumours of a new tour

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

At Mobo we believe that websites carry lots of different types of messages, with design, moving image and the content itself all there for a particular reason. However, for many the use of web design is used to confuse, suggest and create questions, an effect utilised by celebrities in particular…. Read more »

Ikea roll out website redesign  

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

Being such an iconic brand in the world of furniture the Swedish firm, Ikea, are focusing on their digital presence, slowly rolling out an international website redesign. Trialling the latest version on their Irish site the pilot met and exceeded expectations, with new features building on the brand values without… Read more »

Euro 2016 website up for two Lovie Awards 

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

With Wales recognised for their loyal fanbase by UEFA just yesterday it seems that we are still reaping the benefits of Wales’ success in the European Championships, also returning to the top ten of FIFA’s world rankings, leap-frogging Spain and neighbours, England. However, this week the games have been celebrated not… Read more »

British student makes 50k through website that names Chinese babies  

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

At Mobo we love stumbling across websites that offer niche services, celebrating examples of how sites can give way to professional innovation. This week we were excited to come across, a website run by a 16 year old student from Cheltenham Ladies’ College. Helping Chinese parents give their babies English… Read more »

Warner request 13 million backlinks to be removed from Google  

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

If you work within the creative industry then you will be well aware of the copyright headaches, with images, videos and content all having to be protected. With big brands ploughing huge sums into protecting themselves it seems Warner Bros has taken a rather different approach, today filing a copyright complaint… Read more »

Tremendous tech fails

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

While the world of technology has given us so many life-changing devices the truth is techies do get things wrong. Over the years we have seen many product flops, with some of the biggest names in the industry working on projects that they would rather forget. Intrigued by both successes… Read more »

iPhone 7 launch invite focuses on the camera

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

Apple are famous for their innovative marketing methods, constantly intriguing us as to what their next product will perform and look like. Never giving anything away the tech firm are getting ready for the launch of the much-anticipated iPhone 7; a phone that has been the centre of many tech-based… Read more »

Top tech startups in Wales

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

At MOBO we are as patriotic as they come, flying the tech flag for Wales on a constant basis; and we are not the only ones! Over the past few years we have seen investment in Welsh tech through funds such as Finance Wales as well as private investors and… Read more »