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Top web design focuses of 2015

Even though our mummies used to say that ‘looks were not everything’ she was wrong, with image being EVERYTHING in web design. If a website is not tuned up to speak to the modern user then you run the risk of loosing visitors, seeing your bounce rate get higher and… Read more »

YouTube channel optimisation: It makes a difference!

Youtube has a billion unique users every single month (according to YouTube), with the world relying on the site for music, tutorials and informative videos. With Facebook only generating 900 million users per month the power of the YouTube channel can often be overlooked. Although providing a fountain of knowledge… Read more »

Web design layout trends of 2015

The approach to web design has progressed majorly over the past ten years, with digital design witnessing trends that are cemented in the history of technology. With a website being the front face of any modern business it is essential that flourishing businesses keep their site looking fresh, inline with… Read more »

5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

We are strong advocates of responsive design, understanding what effect this has on the levels of user engagement. If you have a website for whatever purpose then you want people to take it seriously, engage with it, learn from it and enjoy being on your pages. This is especially important… Read more »

Lets have a Chat About Live Chat

Live Chat is Awesome. The end. Although that is really all we have to say on the subject we understand that you need some sort of explanation into why that is. Live Chat offers companies the ability to spark up a conversation with their site visitors, asking and answering any… Read more »

Do Google Adwords Add Value?

Google Adwords is a fantastic tool allowing you to have more control over your website’s presentation and ranking for relevant words to your business. If you are not so clued up on Google ranking then we can help, employing a team of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google Adwords specialists,… Read more »

Pretentious Vs Cheeky Content

Content style is definitely worth thinking about carefully and if you are implementing a redesign on your site, being the perfect opportunity for a content overhaul. When making a content plan (which is very important) you must keep your target market in mind, putting yourself in their shoes and asking… Read more »

Engage With Your Audience Through Social Media

You know what they say about the customer always being right? Well, it is very true. But, to have the chance to experience that you must get amongst your audience in the first place, becoming very active in the promotion of your company. Where we used to have to rely… Read more »

What should be the key signifier of my site?

Anything can be a sign as long as someone interprets it as ‘signifying’, especially when presenting images on the web. If your logo incorporates a UK map or a spanner then a sophisticated audience will know that company number one is a UK based organisation and number two is a mechanical firm…. Read more »

Pure and Simple Makes a Comeback

We mean pure and simple design, not the band (luckily)! Where we used to have a habit of cramming as much information on the homepage as possible the world has taken a step back, understanding that this approach is anything but enjoyable. Being bombarded with information in any context is… Read more »