3 Things Users Want to Know Sooner Rather Than Later

When users go to any website, they are looking for something specific. They might want to buy a product, find information, or even browse random memes. Whatever the reason is, they have a goal in mind. Remembering this, people will only go to websites which give them exactly what they want in the shortest amount of time. They love patterns and search engines which provide what they want, so they absolutely HATE HATE HATE it when they can’t find the “buy this” button for a good thirty-forty seconds.

So, why would you actively decide to hide this most-commonly-looked-for button from users? Why would you make it extremely difficulty for them to get what they are looking for, especially when what they want to do is give you attention, time and more money? If they have to take time out to thoroughly search for this information, then that means that it is hidden, which it really shouldn’t be.

Of course, most people don’t do this on purpose, though it does happen. In the interest of helping other find that they need, and making yourself lots of money, here’s what users are looking for, and why you should grant them the ability to find them sooner rather than later.

What is it, and why is it?

Many users browse for an idea of what they’re looking for. But a lot of the time, a user is going to land on a product page because a friend has recommended it with a link. In those situations, you really should have some text explaining what the product is and what it does. This may seem obvious, but this text can be a lot less visible and obvious with companies that sell services. You should also stick to non-industry jargon, and just simply say what the product does.

How much does it cost?

This is a very obvious second step. Let’s say a website looks like it has exactly what you are looking for. You want it, but you don’t know how much it will cost you because…IT ISN’T VISIBLE!

A user should never have to search how much something costs.

Even if you have a company which offers stuffs for free, don’t hide something that you need. Do you need information? Is it a membership cost only? Be up front and people will certainly respect you for that.

How good is it?

After a user has had a look at a cost, they will want to know how good the product/service is. They will most probably do this by browsing through a few of your reviews. So, you should certainly have this visible.

Why not link your site with your social media profiles? Invite prospective customers to become a part of your online community, chat about what they’ve bought and what they think about your product. This will not only keep them happy, but show that you are confident about what you are selling.

The very best web designers always remember that they are also users. Does something bug you whilst online? Don’t do that in your own work. If you have a good product or service, then offering the necessary information in a clear way will only help you sell more of it.


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